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Community Workshops and Dissemination Programme July 2001

Details about the outcomes of the community workshops and regional policy/dissemination meetings can be found in Briefing Notes 1F and 13.

The aim of the community workshops is to achieve dissemination and sharing of PANRUSA research findings to communities in all countries researched, and to facilitate the discussion and the transfer of best practices between communities in neighbouring countries.
The meetings will allow the transfer of project findings between parties at local and regional levels.

The PANRUSA team proposes to visit each study area and hold a series of local public meetings with research participants: relevant government, policy and NGO personnel will be invited to attend. The workshops will vary in different areas according to community preference, logistics and research findings.

The aims of the workshop are to:

1. Present key findings from PANRUSA, including locally specific findings as well as drawing on relevant experiences from neighbouring study sites.
2. Facilitate discussion through workshops between parties (government, NGO, community) on key issues identified in 1 by participants.
3. Consolidate outcomes from 1&2 in terms of transfer of best practices between countries and user groups.

PANRUSA will, in September 2001, hold its final dissemination workshop in Johannesburg. Following the community workshops in July, the project team will integrate the outcomes of discussions, to feed into this end of project workshop.

During the 'roadshow' the PANRUSA team will hold several ˝ day meeting with key policy and government contacts. These meetings will allow the circulation and initial discussion of briefing material prior to the September workshop. It will also help strengthen rapport, and the notion of two-way discussion, which will be essential to the successful achievement of the end of project workshop aims.


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