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Policy Workshop on Poverty, Livelihoods and the Environment

Date: 10th -12th September 2001
Location: Gauteng, South Africa

The workshop was supported by UK DFID and focused on the outputs of the PANRUSA (Poverty, policy & natural resource use in southern Africa) and MARENA (Natural resource management institutions in post-conflict countries) DFID-funded research projects

The workshop was set up to enable representatives of the governments of the countries in which the research was conducted, NGO staff, the researchers and their collaborators, and DFID staff, to meet and discuss the overall research findings of the projects

The workshop report summarises activities and outcomes, and is primarily intended for participants at the workshop, who are conversant with the summary project outputs.
Download workshop report (pdf)

This policy workshop will achieve dissemination of PANRUSA and MARENA research findings to parties in all countries researched, and will facilitate the discussion and the transfer of best practices between countries, and user, policy and NGO groups.

The meeting will allow the transfer of project findings between parties at a level not achieved by the regional community based workshops that will occur in July 2001.

The workshop will involve PANRUSA ( Sheffield) and MARENA (Sussex), two DFID funded research projects. This will introduce a further country dimension (Mozambique) but also consideration of policies and NR issues that affect post-conflict situations.

The aims of the workshop are:

1. Present key findings from PANRUSA, including presentations by rapporteurs from Regional Community Workshops held in July 2001. Lead discussants to include MARENA participants.
2. Facilitate regional level (Southern African) discussion between parties (government, NGO, collaborators, community representatives) on key issues identified in 1, through workshops.
3. Consolidate outcomes from 1&2 in terms of transfer of best practices between countries and user groups.

PANRUSA will, in July 2001, have held its dissemination workshops in all regions/communities in which research has been conducted. Following these workshops, the project team will integrate the outcomes of discussions, to feed into the end of project workshop.

This workshop will include a range of participants from government, NGO and donor institutions, as well as participants from the research process itself.

1. Project members from the PANRUSA research team, Sheffield, and MARENA research team, Sussex.
2. Local research partners, who have not met as a group since the project inception meeting, and local rapporteurs (i.e. chief, community representatives, officials) from the communities in which the research has been conducted.
3. Ministry officials who have assisted the project and who will gain from the outcomes.
4. UK and Regional DFID staff.
5. NGO staff with associated research links and interests.

Latest news!
Invitations to the policy workshop will be issued in March

If you would like further information about the workshop, or PANRUSA or MARENA research activities, please contact Chasca Twyman (PANRUSA) or Elisabeth Harrison (MARENA)


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This information has been provided by C. Twyman and P. Bragg
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