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Who we are…

Prof. Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas is one of the Principal Investigators for the PANRUSA project. His specific research interests lie in the areas of dryland environments and environmental change, placing particular emphasis on the value of rigorous fieldwork, backed up with appropriate laboratory and analytical methods. Prof. Thomas is now at Oxford University.

Dr Deborah Sporton
Deborah Sporton is a Principal Investigator for the PANRUSA Project. Her specific research interests lie in demography, poverty and society-environment interactions in response to policy changes. More details about Deborah;s research interests and publications can be found on her homepage.

Dr Chasca Twyman
Chasca Twyman was the Post-doctoral Research Associate for the PANRUSA Project, and she is now a senior lecturer in the Geography Department at Sheffield. Her research interests focus on society-environment interactions, community-based natural resource management, poverty and development particularly in Southern Africa. More details about Chasca’s research interests and publications can be found on her homepage.


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This information has been provided by C. Twyman and P. Bragg
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